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몰도바의 세미나리 폐교소식을 듣고 그곳을 직접 방문한후 구소련의 탄압, 종교말살 상황아래서도 의연하게 지켜온 몰도바 재림교인들의 헌신적인 신앙에 감동을 받고 그들을 돕기로 결심한 양승천 콩고 선교사 (현 동중앙 아프리카 지회 소속/  세계자전거선교회 코디네이터)의 이야기 입니다.


구소련의 탄압을 피해 숨어서 선교사를 양성하여 현재 200여명의 목회자와 선교사를 

시베리아 모스크바 등 구소련의 여러 지역에  보낸 나라 몰도바.   그러나 있던 신학교도 페쇄되고 

현재 재림교회 교육기관이 전무한 나라. 그 절박한 상황의 나라 몰도바를 위한 

내용등은 인터뷰 (대담: Jung Kim; Windows Media Audio; 27) 를 참고 하시고 

아래의 기도제목들을 위한 간절한 기도 부탁드립니다

(1) 10 1일 개교될프로-로고스세미나리 학교가 페교됨없이 계속 운영되도록

(2) 현재 구소련 각 지역에 흩어져 봉사하는 200여명의 목회자와 선교사들을 위하여

(3) 수년간 공산치하에서 선교정신을 유지해온 그 정신이 계속되도록


(Excerpts from the email message of
Moldova by Missionary Yang)


God blessed Moldova with such young people with mission zeal and faith in God. That is why we are sure, in spite of many difficulties and stumbling blocks, Moldova need urgently educational institutions, such as (1) revival or re-birth of closed down theological seminary, (2) Adventist elementary school,  (3) Adventist high school, (4) Adventist college/university.


Did you know, we have ZERO Adventist educational institutions in Moldova after someone has closed down the ONLY educational institution in all of Moldova, and it was a “Theological Seminary”?


We have NO kindergarten, we have NO elementary school, and we have NO high school. And present non-Adventist schools, they do NOT care about Sabbath!  If you were a Moldovan and have children, what would you do?


My friends in Christ around the world!  This is the FIRST ever time to appeal for help. I have never mentioned for help ever since I became a missionary to Congo. God has always blessed all my needs for Congo ahead of time and ahead of my actual needs.


We want to start a first ADVENTIST  ELEMENTARY  SCHOOL  in Moldova. Moldova has more than sufficient number of capable and willing Adventist teachers, but we do NOT have school.


SDA Moldova Union leaders are about to start “Theology, Humanity School” right in the same Union building, from October 1, 2008. As you can see from my attached photos, they have named the school “Pro Logos”. They teach Theology, English and Computers.


They have almost completed all their needs. I know they broke their back.

I saw their classrooms (being painted when I visited and that’s why you don’t see photos), chapel and girl students’ dormitory with good quality beds. They need urgent help on other miscellaneous items, which I will describe in Part-3.


I fervently pray that NO ONE closes down this new school.  Moldova needs your prayers!  Moldova needs your support. And they need it NOW!


May God bless you all and find you in peace in the grace of Jesus.


Yang, Seung Chun   


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