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아프리카 개신교 목사 100천사  기별 쎄미나


안천수 / 오아시스 세계 선교회  


아프리카 케냐에서 늦은비 성령의 전초전 계시록 18장 운동의 전초전 매월 1 12시간 철야기도 운동 4명에서 1,000여명 다음에 개신교 목회자들 4 5일 호텔에서 3천사의 기별 쎄미나를 하여 놀라운 결과가 나타나고 있습니다. 2015 6 18명 목회자들 침례, 2016 1 16명 침례.  


아프리카 게냐 5 17-21 2016년 개신교 목회자 100 3천사 기별 현대진리 세미나 결과 보고입니다. 7월 집회 결과 보고도 보내겠습니다. 9월 집회를 위하여 간절한 기도를 부탁합니다. 안천수 드림 





This report gives an account of the second special gathering of Protestant/Sunday Churches Pastors Seminar that was held at KEBEN Hotel in Kapsabet Town, Nandi County in Kenya. In order to reach these Pastors, our team has formed a loose organization known as Bible Research Centre (BRC). This organization brings together about seven (7) Adventist Bible Researchers who constitute the team of Lecturers/Speakers who make presentations during the Seminars.


In July meeting, we had two groups of Pastors. The first group is that of the team that attended the May Seminar and the second was that of the new Pastors who were attending the seminars for their first time in July, 2016. There were therefore two venues for the seminars of the two groups.


The purpose of the Sunday Pastors retreat was to study together the Bible and Bible Prophecy. We spent a good time on daily basis to introduce the Pastors to the study of the books of Daniel and Revelation. Other key topics that were dealt with include: Health Reform by Mrs C. Rono, Bible Study, Sanctuary, Baptism, State of the Dead and Everlasting Gospel by the other speakers listed. Both groups of Pastors who attended the retreats were blessed and demonstrated their appreciation by requesting that another similar meeting be held soon in order to continue the new studies they had been introduced to by the Bible Research Centre (BRC). Group two in particular, became fully convinced that we had the TRUTH and that from now on, they were going to share this great light with their Sunday keeping members. It is our humble prayer that God will bless them with His Holy Spirit as they minister in their churches. Please pray with us for these group of Pastors.





In terms of attendance, a good number of denominations attended the Kapsabet retreat with an average of 1person per denomination.



Table 1: Distribution of Attendees Per Day between 12-16 July, 2016



12/7/2016     DAY 2

13/7/2016     DAY 3

14/7/2016     DAY 4

15/7/2016     DAY 5


ATTENDANCE       35     41     50     46     47





The retreat was facilitated by four teams who were involved in planning, financial support, and management. They include:-

i)     Kapsabet Bible Research Fellowship

ii)     Revival and Reformation Team, Eldoret

iii)    Greater Rift Valley Conference

iv)    Bible Research Centre Lecturers, Eldoret




The retreat realized several successes which include the following:

i)     New Pastors were added to the Seminar Series. There are now a new group of Pastors who will be attending the next meeting.

ii)     Nearly all planned topics were convered

iii)    Many participants confessed they were very much blessed and invited the lecturers to go and speak in their Sunday churches.

iv)    The two groups of attendees requested for another meeting for September, 2016. This was agreed to take place from September 13th to 17th, 2016.

v)     Majority of the Pastors, especially in group two who attended the May, 2016 Seminar became fully convinced that we had the TRUTH and that from now on, they were going to share this great light with their Sunday keeping members.




Testimony 1: Over 25 Pastors who had attended the May 2016 meeting committed themselves to continue with the seminars and teach the new truths in their churches.


Testimony 2: One Pastor testified that he had not taken this meetings serious and was considering staying away from it. However, when the study of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 to 15 was done, he was shocked to learn that it was the truth and truth alone! Especially he was enlightened about the change of the laws of God by Rome. He said, I have realized we have been cheating our members and we are not going to do that again! We shall teach the truth.


Testimony 3: One Pastor also stood up and said, we have confirmed the truth about the Sabbath. We are going to change our position gradually.


Testimony 4: Another Pastor also commended that we have known the truth about the Sabbath and therefore there is no need to honour Sunday any longer!


Testimony 5: Two Pastors stood and said, the meeting has been very impressive, please bring this meeting to our place. We shall endure that many Pastors attended and hear these wonderful truths of the Bible. We have never heared things like these in our churches or during our college days!


Other pastors confessed that they had attended the meeting with strong prejudice but after attending the meetings for the second and third day they had changed their views and attitude completely because of the attitude of the lecturers and the way the presentations were made. The messages were wonderful and new to them, they confessed. They all asked for more meetings.


After this meeting/retreat, it was agreed that another meeting at KBEN Hotel be held soon. The dates that were chosen are 13th to 17th July, 2016. Please pray for us and its success!





The proposed budget for the retreat had been set at Kshs 600,000 (or US $ 6,000) but we managed to raise Kshs 575,000 (US$ 5,750. At the end of 5 days, the expenditure of the meeting came to Kshs 200,000 (US $ 2,000).


The sources of Funds are as follows:



1.     Prof./Mrs Philip K. Rono    215,000

2.     RR/Bible Research Centre, Eldoret  230,000

3.     Kapsabet Bible Research Fellowship         30,000

4.     Other Sponors/Donors       100,000

              TOTAL       575,000





The retreat faced some challenges which include:

i)     Delay in sending out the invitation to attendees. This was the major challenge because most Pastors could not come due to late invitations. We were not able to reach the target of 200 and not even the precious target of 100.

ii)     The second challenge also was the issue of prejudice that arose the last minute. There arose a great opposing from Pastor who had attended the May 2016 meeting. We were not able to handle this due to lack of time. We need more prayers as we now reach these Pastors again for the September meeting.

iii)    Two of the overall coordinators of the meeting were attacked by the enemy. The lead coordinator lost two close relatives on the night of the eve of the meeting and therefore could not even attend the seminars for the entire period! The second coordinator had his bank coming to auction his property due to a loan he owes the bank on the very day the meeting was starting! This left the meeting very shaky and the Eldoret team which was not involved fully on the initial preparations had to take over the running meeting.

iv)    Lack of a convenient place to cook meals. The Word of Faith that had given us a kitchen changed their mind the last minute.

v)     Most of the attendees needed privacy which we could provide.

vi)    Teaching materials (Handouts) were not provided to the attendees since most of the Lecturers had not completed typing their notes.




Following the successful retreat in Kapsabet, the leaders of the BRC made the following recommendations:


i)     There is need for a strong follow up to be made for all the attendees because they have shown interest in the Adventist message.

ii)    The denominations that invited the lecturers to their churches be visited between July and August, 2016.

iii)    Early preparation of notes should be made by the Lecturers for purposes of distribution to the attendees in September meeting.

iv)    A Third retreat be held in Serem, South West of Kapsabet between 28th August and 3rd September, 2016 with a projection of 100 Pastors attending and a budget of Kshs 350,000 (US $ 3,500).

v)     A Fourth retreat to be held in Kapsabet between 13th to 17th September, 2016 with a projection of 150 Pastors attending and a budget of Kshs 450,000 (US $ 4,500).

vi)    A Fifth retreat to be held in Tindiret, South East of Kapsabet between 18th to 22nd October, 2016 with a projection of 70 Pastors attending and a budget of Kshs 300,000 (US $ 3,000).




       After the meeting at Keben Hotel, Mrs Rono attended  a Protestant church meeting the following, on Sunday July 17th, 2016 at their headquarters which is based in Kapsabet. This was a high level meeting because it brought together key church leaders and the laity. She spoke on Health and Health Reform from the biblical perspective and the entire church was captivated! They had never heared truths of this nature. The whole congregration was moved. Immediately after the meeting, they requested that another elaborate seminar be organized for them soon and that they will mobilize many leaders and lay member for the important occasion.

       What was outstanding from this meeting was a miracle that took place while the preaching was going. In the congregation there was a group of about 25 or so deaf children who were following the presentation by sign language. At the beginning of the presentation they seem to follow the proceedings according to the interpreter but in the middle of the sermon they went ahead of the interpreter and were seen to hear and understand what the preacher was saying without the interpreter! From that point, the interpreter noticed the remarkable change on their faces and sign language from them. They now seem to understand what was being preached and deeply appreciated it with a lot of excitement. It was a miracle! They Holy Spirit seem to have chosen to interpret for them. God is great! His name should be praised for ever and ever.


There are more meetings which we are conducting in Sunday churches and shall update you later.


COMPILED BY:  Prof. Philip K. Rono, Chairman,

Bible Research Centre, Eldoret.

July 19th, 2016.


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